Scotland 2004

[IMG] ...Badger, Badger, Mushroom, Mushroom! 154k
[IMG] The rare 2 lane "Motorway" 66k
[IMG] The first of many, many fields of Sheep 74k
[IMG] Our car, a Toyota Avensis 112k
[IMG] Down to 1 lane each way... 71k
[IMG] Northern Scotland is beautiful 62k
[IMG] The Castle Inverness, still in use 116k
[IMG] European Rice... 182k
[IMG] ain't no Uncle Ben's! 128k
[IMG] The River Ness and the town of Inverness 157k
[IMG] More of Inverness 146k
[IMG] Loch Ness 103k
[IMG] I think something was on the lens... 130k
[IMG] A creek feeding the Loch 229k
[IMG] Just sit right back, and you'll hear a tale... 146k
[IMG] Tina on our cruise on the Loch 120k
[IMG] The water is as dark as dirty motor oil 98k
[IMG] The Loch is long, and thin, and very deep 82k
[IMG] Skwid on the cruise 113k
[IMG] Urquhart castle, right on the Loch 55k
[IMG] Looks pretty good, from this angle 75k
[IMG] I wouldn't want to live there... 105k
[IMG] I mean, it's pretty, and all... 75k
[IMG] But I like having a roof 111k
[IMG] They'll even serve half-pints in Scotland... 110k
[IMG] ...but I prefer a full. 91k
[IMG] Good to have the choice, I guess 116k
[IMG] Fire Alarms at 1 AM in Northern Scotland in March. 74k
[IMG] Driving Northern Scotland 75k
[IMG] It's beautiful country 55k
[IMG] It's a place where Heather's not just a name... 150k
[IMG] And a new beautiful vista... 76k
[IMG] Waits around every corner. 102k
[IMG] The Castle Eilean Donan 86k
[IMG] It was in the Highlander Movie 99k
[IMG] This causeway is the only way to get to it 143k
[IMG] I want my next house to have Arrow Slits 80k
[IMG] Very Pretty, there, but very cold. 125k
[IMG] Did I mention how pretty everything was? 61k
[IMG] If you like driving curvy roads, Skye's great 72k
[IMG] If you like majestic hills, it's great 69k
[IMG] Like stunning mountain ranges? Try Skye! 59k
[IMG] Even our hotel room... 127k
[IMG] ...was beautiful. 141k
[IMG] How can you argue with this view? 499k
[IMG] Tina likes Lagers. 63k
[IMG] Skwid likes Ales. 77k
[IMG] The Portree Harbour 74k
[IMG] A great spot for a picnic 140k
[IMG] The old Portree Watchtower 102k
[IMG] It's up on a hill 63k
[IMG] And it gives an incredible view 100k
[IMG] Not that that requires a tower... 103k
[IMG] The far north of the Isle has a strange place 101k
[IMG] They call it "The Fairy Glen" 139k
[IMG] The land is odd, there 172k
[IMG] Strange little hills 72k
[IMG] The one-laned road, sadly, was not that odd 151k
[IMG] But the terrain surely was 125k
[IMG] I'll always remember the Isle of Skye 40k
[IMG] A harsh, but georgeous place. 60k
[IMG] I was sad to sail away from it 65k
[IMG] But Scotland waited with more beauty 57k
[IMG] Over the Sea from Skye 53k
[IMG] and wool 132k
[IMG] There's no forgetting the wool 126k
[IMG] You really need it over there 141k
[IMG] Scotland likes to fill amazing buildings 127k
[IMG] With simpler things 104k
[IMG] Sometimes it's an awkward fit 102k
[IMG] Sometimes it doesn't fit at all 97k
[IMG] But they make it work 124k
[IMG] The infamous "Hei'lann Coo" 132k
[IMG] This Hotel was quite lovely 110k
[IMG] It looks out on the Lake of Menteith 78k
[IMG] The only lake in Scotland 57k
[IMG] Oh...and onto a graveyard. 107k
[IMG] The church next to the hotel 142k
[IMG] And some of its residents 162k
[IMG] The hotel had excellent food 98k
[IMG] Although we're still not sure what it was 82k
[IMG] Outside of Stirling is the Wallace Monument 72k
[IMG] That's the real deal, folks. 5 feet of blade. 122k
[IMG] The top of the tower is a long climb 77k
[IMG] But the view is incredible 53k
[IMG] And rich in history 88k
[IMG] Battlefields, castles, and schoolyards 61k
[IMG] The stonework is amazing 128k
[IMG] But it can hardly distract from Scotland 46k
[IMG] Kronenburg 1664, how we miss ye. 93k
[IMG] And McEwan's 80/- too. 91k
[IMG] We went to Doune Castle not knowing 90k
[IMG] But we discovered its history soon 101k
[IMG] Monty Python filmed here 119k
[IMG] Almost all its castle scenes 101k
[IMG] This was the kitchen of the castle 64k
[IMG] And I'm looking up the chimney of the fireplace! 100k
[IMG] The Great Hall deserved the name 86k
[IMG] Could use some better seating, though 104k
[IMG] I could handle this dining room 82k
[IMG] Another room-sized fireplace 112k
[IMG] The battlements are quite high 106k
[IMG] You'd need a good musketeer... 116k
[IMG] Or perhaps just some pigeons and string 137k
[IMG] Or maybe a duck 152k
[IMG] Or we could construct a giant wooden rabbit... 88k
[IMG] On second thought, it is a silly place... 203k
[IMG] One of our hotels once housed some distinctive guests 67k
[IMG] And someone in town clearly had excellent taste 101k
[IMG] That's a Skyline GTR, folks. Beauty. 68k
[IMG] Note the handy Boost Guage. Yum. 140k
[IMG] Edinburgh's Writer's Museum was lovely 140k
[IMG] But they don't allow photography 130k
[IMG] Robert Louis Stevenson didn't tell on us 72k
[IMG] Nor did Sir Walter Scott, whose monument you see here 85k
[IMG] This is far Northern Canada, as seen from our plane 57k
[IMG] One of the last of many beautiful, unique sights 73k

It was a lovely, lovely holiday.