The Great Grey Skwid

Evan P. Langlinais

Not too terribly long ago, I was born. It became obvious real early on that I was a pretty bright kid, but I didn't quite click (or clique, for that matter) with other kids my age, and so I read a lot of Science Fiction novels to while away the time.

Then I found a new world. A world where I could talk about the things which I had hitherto only thought about, and people would understand. A world where I fit in like I never had before. I found the SCA, and they gave me a new name.

Things began to turn around. After I graduated High School, I obtained a full scholarship to the University of Texas at Dallas, and in Fall of 94 I arrived at that noble institution to begin my college career.

College was good. I wasn't there two weeks before I'd met the most wonderful person I've ever known, my Lady Tina. I have an active social life, and am always expanding my net.presence. I graduated from UTD in May of 1998, and I now work for a Big, Evil, Telecom Company, have a house in the DFW area, two adorable kitties, and drive a (slightly) tricked-out Grand Am. I enjoy travelling, and have recently taken lovely vacations in Scotland

, Cancuun, and Jamaica.

If you want to see a picture of yours truly, you'll have to look at some of my other pages :-)

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